jeudi 20 septembre 2012


Alone beneath a foreign sky I wonder
Could I be any further flung than this?
Against the winds which cast me to this distant shoreline
I can still blow a kiss
To fly off in migration, heading homeward
With all my thoughts upon the wing to you.
Though all our dreams and wishes seem so distant
This much we can always do...
If we just raise our eyes
We'll share the sky.
The evening sun upon my cheeks already
The glimmer of a dawn approaching you;
Across the curvature of earth
Invisible connections bind us true.
If we just close our eyes
We'll be together in a little time...
If we just raise our eyes
We'll share the sky.
(c) P.Hammill - album "What Now ?" 2001

J'ai toujours ressenti une ambiance à la fois zen et cosmique dans cette chanson. 
Et j'en aime les guitares aussi.

2 commentaires:

  1. Pas mal, un peu étrange comme ambiance, mais merci pour la découverte.

    1. Etrange,toujours un peu, avec Peter Hammill !